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304 viewsFan with Kristen in Oman - December 12th 201555555
(4 votes)
296 viewsFan with Kristen in Oman - December 12th 201555555
(4 votes)
423 viewsA fan with Kristen in New York - October 9th 201555555
(4 votes)
372 viewsA fan with Kristen in New York - October 2nd 201555555
(4 votes)
304 viewsKristen in Venice - September 201555555
(4 votes)
332 viewsA fan with Kristen in New York - September 22nd 201555555
(4 votes)
281 viewsA fan with Kristen on set of the new Woody Allen movie, New York - September 9th 201555555
(4 votes)
381 viewsA fan with Kristen in LA - August 29th 201555555
(4 votes)
409 viewsKristen at a store in Idaho. March 5th 201555555
(4 votes)
547 views@NeedLullaby and Kristen in Paris - Feb 4th 201455555
(4 votes)
488 viewsA fan photo of Kristen at the beach in Malibu, 201355555
(4 votes)
1091 viewsOn set of 'Snow White & The Huntsman' in London @TVSUK on Twitter55555
(4 votes)
1117 viewsFan Photo of Kristen golfing in LA on March 11th 201355555
(4 votes)
697 views@FameWreck on Tumblr with Kristen in LA on March 14th 201355555
(4 votes)
1102 views44444
(6 votes)
419 views44444
(4 votes)
906 viewsOn the set of 'Snow White & The Huntsman'44444
(4 votes)
1240 views@meowingtons2210 - My uncle with Kristen Stewart44444
(4 votes)
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